Welcome! An Introduction…

Hello there fellow nerd and welcome to my blog! Thank you for beginning this journey with me. As this is my very first post, I just wanted to write an introduction. To me, to my blog and what you can expect from me in the future. I’ve got some BIG plans!

My name is Daniele, I’m a multi-passionate introvert and artist from Los Angeles and I’m a huge nerd. As a kid, I was a loner that found my creative voice through video games, fantasy books, and animation. So while the rest of the girls my age were chasing after boys, I was slaying great evils and realizing multiple magical destinies.

My passion for all things nerdy evolved with me, and as I got older, I realized the void that needed to be filled in the nerd space. Representation! I wanted so badly to see myself reflected in the content that I loved so much and to be able to identify more with the characters. By now (in 2020), it’s definitely gotten better and I’m very happy to report that I’ve found some wonderful black and diverse fantasy/sci-fi authors that I love (and will certainly be sharing in the future) and shows and movies that show more diversity in casting. However we’ve still got a long way to go.

So, what am I doing here? My goal is to create a safe space for those of us who have been told that we don’t belong or have had to prove that we deserve to be here and represented. I want to encourage those who comes across my blog to truly listen to their passions and know that you don’t have to fit into a predetermined mold in order to deserve a seat at the table.

This is a place to let your nerdy freak flag fly. I will be sharing my creative projects (anything from costumes to small crafts), books, TV, and movies I love and recommend, style, travel (after quarantine), offbeat activities and so much more. The plan is to post at least once a week for consistency’s sake although I have not determined a specific day of the week yet (coming soon, I promise). My greatest hope is that this blog will be a space that grows into an interactive, encouraging and creative community.

So stick around, bring your friends and join me on a crafty, adventurous, geeky, and stylish journey. Let’s light up the nerd world in beautiful, diverse technicolor!

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