Hi! My name is Daniele and I’m a lifelong multi-passionate nerd.

I’m so glad that you’ve taken the time to check out my blog. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and have tried and failed many times to do. But here I am again and I’m happy you’re here too!

I grew up in Los Angeles and was a huge loner and nerd all through my school years. If I wasn’t drawing, I was either reading some thick fantasy epic or playing video games in my room. It’s something I never grew out of and in fact added graphic novels and tabletop games (including Dungeons & Dragons) to that list.

Now, as an adult, I’ve done many odd jobs from being a barista to wardrobe on TV to working in a law firm. However, my true passion has always been in the arts and I’ve been a graphic designer for several years. My dream is to use my passion for all things geeky and artsy and bring a unique perspective to each on this blog.

I’m a crafty person, often working on costumes for the Renaissance Faire and other costumed events. I love to build and make things and I’m an avid learner, constantly eager to learn something new. So you can bet that there will be plenty of crafts and projects here that I will be sharing and teaching you how to do as well.

Again, thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy!

Daniele 🙂

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